"The sacred is distinct from the magical and the symbolic.

To have faith in an object - for example, to wear an amulet for protection is to live within a magic circle. To see a sign of wisdom in the structure, form and colour of an object, and to link it with immaterial truths, is to confer on it a symbolic role.

To evoke, by means of a symbolic object, the presence of another is to cross the threshold of the sacred. This implies a tangible link with the unique, and the object becomes Sacred."

The Sacred White Stone Object you may have is Rock Crystal. It was mined and dug from the deep recesses of the Earth, placed into a container, shipped to America and thence to Australia. Prior to your ownership this Sacred gift has not seen the Light of day. Your Spiritual Leader sealed the item, wrote your name on the packet and placed it in the Holy of Holies in black out conditions for three days and three nights.

In this period of time the Spirit Guides and Elders directed their thought forms to the item, imbuing Love and Light for you, for your Karma and for you to direct the Spiritual Energy within to the Spiritual Healing of Planet Earth and the personal situations to which you may wish to send positive Spiritual Healing Energies.

Historically such an item could only be acquired after financial sacrifice and participation in one of the Mystery Schools of occult knowledge, normally by attending a Spiritual Séance. The White Stone is similar to the Stones of Moses, the Urim and Thumim in which the Kingdom of Gods Angels programmed Guidelines for the human race to live by, known as Commandments.

Receipt of such a blessed Sacred object is long considered as a Spiritual initiation, a link with the Divine. The Bible of your day refers to the White Stones and the Mineral Kingdom and your relationship with Minerals, over and over again.

Refer to one example in the Revelation of St John, Rev. 2 Vs 16 & 17. "To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna (unknown knowledge), and will give a white stone, and in the stone a new name written (your Spiritual name), which none shall know save the one who receives it"

Diamonds are Carbon based. The value is created, man made, as they are not scarce. Due to their extreme hardness they are commercially useful as a cutting tool, ornamentally popular following 58 faceted cuttings which reflect light. Rock Crystal is from Silicone, polished and fashioned by Nature, a finished Jewel.

Within the unique Atomic structure of Rock Crystal is the ability to absorb and hold thought forms, similar to a Sponges ability to soak up water. Crystals from a retail store have absorbed the energies of their surroundings, the mortal thoughts of those to whom the Stones were exposed over time. It is not possible to determine their energy content.

Your gift may be an Apport as some are. If so it is from the personal collection of Sunkara.

The Oxford Dictionary defines an Apport as "Production of a material object by Occult means during a Spiritualistic Séance". This means the item was dematerialized from a physical location and rematerialized in the Vibration of a Sensitive during a Spiritual Séance.

No claim is made as to the Material value of your gift. Claim is made as to the Spiritual power and Spiritual value.

Expect a miracle. Consult your Spiritual Leader for further instructions.

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