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Welcome to the Internet Church of Higher Spiritualism. With the advent of the Internet those of like mind are able to come together for Spiritual communion and upliftment in the privacy of the home. The Sunday ritual of up the hill to the Orthodox Church is fading from view. Regular weekly Spiritual Revelations are available to a world wide congregation, together with a Spiritual Revelation News Slant from the News Desk on topical World Headlines from a Spiritualist point of view.

The principles and concepts of Higher Spiritualism are the underlying basis of all true, Spiritual, religious philosophy and ideas, transcending orthodox dogma, creeds, superstition and mortal fears.

The Teachings of Higher Spiritualism reflect the reality of personal, individual survival beyond death, now an established fact. Death is simply the shedding of the physical body. You donít die, your body does, thatís all. We survive, wake up consciously in one of our other vehicles, not generally familiar to us today. Then what is the implication for all to study? Personal, individual, conscious survival beyond death is a compelling truth. Personality and Soul become the same. Itís how long and how you survive on the other side that the Teachings of Higher Spiritualism address, together with the application of the Golden Rule.

We are here on Earth as Spiritual beings, stepped temporarily into the density of a physical body, our memory lovingly veiled at rebirth. There is no dogma, fear, superstition, orthodox sophistry, power plays, control, empty unprovable promises in Higher Spiritualism, just absolute Reality, based on Natural Law, YH WHís Law, the Creatorís Law, THE LAW, Godís Law, the Law of Karma, Universal Law.

The Teachings and Concepts of Higher Spiritualism, rooted in physical evidence, affect every aspect of life and prepare one for the life or lives ahead, beyond the release of the physical body. We accept that there is a continuum, a cosmic ocean of which we are an intricate cell, unaware as yet of our true nature and potential. Never in recorded history has there been such an outpouring of Spiritual phenomena and knowledge from the Higher Realms, coupled with the scientific evidence and documentation. Science and religion have come together. The world now has a Spiritual Leader and a World Wide organization to lead us out of Darkness into Light.

The Elders of the Race have returned, bringing for this New Age, Spiritual Teachings and the Ancient Wisdom for the enlightenment and upliftment of ALL mankind.

The Spiritual Lessons of Higher Spiritualism cover the entire gamut of human affairs. There is a Spiritual answer based on Cosmic sense for each dilemma of the race.

Spiritual insight from the Immortals now brings a new dawn to the era as we are taught the reality of personal awake Survival beyond death. We study the incredible, insightful Spiritual Revelations to gain knowledge to cope with the implications of the continuity of the Life experience. The first Church of Higher Spiritualism commenced in Orange County, California in 1976. Subsequently Chapels of the Church of Higher Spiritualism were opened in Denver, Colorado in 1981, in San Diego, California in 1989, in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1991 and in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia in 1992. Church of Higher Spiritualism Inc., Internet Web Site was on line May 20th 1998.

The Spiritual location of the Church of Higher Spiritualism is within the heart of man.

Spiritualism as a modern day Religion can be found in Australia, Belize, Brazil, Canada, the Caribbean, France, Italy, South Africa, South America, the South Pacific, United Kingdom and the United States.

The purpose and reason for your life is to find God, to experience Truth, to find self, to know oneself, to polish the character, the outer facets of the Gem of Soul. The quality of your thoughts, your unselfish works for humanity, your understanding of God this is the Discrimination of Life.

This principle is in turn governed by the Law of Karma, which is one of Godís Laws in action. We do not refer to God "anthropomorphically" in the sense of an individual male god with human characteristics, nor do we refer to the god on whose behalf man commits acts of war. We allude to the All Encompassing, Infinite, Divine, Supernatural Intelligence, the Primal Force of Existence, the Creator, The Law in Action.

Karma, simply said is the Law of cause and effect. It is Action and Reaction, an impersonal, in built governing Spiritual principle observable throughout the universe, to which all matter and Spirit matter is subject. Crudely said as "What goes round comes around", biblically said as "He who lives by the sword will die by the sword", but not always in the same lifetime. The blade will not escape him. If you wish, Karma is expressed in western terms as a form of "Poetic Justice".

Thank you, Sunkara, Spiritual Founder, Church of Higher Spiritualism Inc.

Please contact Matthew, Director, should you have a question.

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