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Welcome to the Spiritual News Slant, where we examine the topical News Headlines from a Spiritual viewpoint.

Today we address the issue of Cloning.

In May of 1986 the family attended a Health conference at the Disneyland Hotel. One of the speakers was from the California Cryonics Institute. We inspected the facility at the rear of a multi tenant Industrial park in Anaheim. The Cryonics Director was excited about the money prospects of removing human heads just below the neck, freezing same and then awaiting Earthly technology to develop that would allow the attachment of the frozen heads to new, younger bodies. On a room length table lay the saws and knives of his trade. Up the stairs to the top of a large vat we climbed.

Heads in Vat

Inside the vat in individually packed bags were several human heads and an assortment of the wealthy's pets, here a cat, there a dog, sorry no fish. Animal and human heads awaiting the Cloning of a new body floated together in the cooling, supposedly preserving gases. What a brew, anyone for soup? We were offered a family package that included long-term rent. We were advised the risks nil and the science sound. Die, behead, toss the old body and just float around until Science provided the body connection of choice. A body with the same gender for whatever the reason, was suggested as the later replacement.

When we enquired as to the risks we were told none, the exorbitant rental rate was justified, assurances were given, just sign here. I asked "What happens if the truck were late delivering the Freeze gas?" Again no problems. "Well what about a Strike and delays?" "We have a week's back up was the response". The proprietor, a deeply religious man knew nothing of Spirit or Spirit return, in fact was unable to think through even the beginning implications of Spirit possession of the body.

This brings us to the core of the issue. One head, one spirit, add a body, now what? Does this entail two spirits in the one body? Keep a head toss the body, does the spirit hang around the body waiting a resurrection? Can you really stay ahead of the game? Is the cryonics Lab the in place for a little head? The mind boggles at the possibilities. Scientists by their very upbringing and schooling are not equipped to think through the issues of Cloning. The Christian education denies Spirit reality to the world, concerning these issues. All politicians are inadequate for the task of leadership, most are mediocre.

There are no moral implications to be considered. The Universe is perfect and amoral. God is without morals and is impersonal. Man in his confused thinking wrestles with moral dilemmas at every turn. The sun shines on the sane and the insane with equal intensity.

Did you ever hear the words to the song, "You're in my heart your in my Soul, you're my lover my best friend, you'll be with me until the end?" Australian Scientists this week of April 1998 are all excited about Transplanting the heart of a pig to replace the heart of a man. Please may this delight be reserved for the Scientists. Spare me a Pig's heart.

You can clone a body if you must. It is only intelligent to clone tissue and organs. What took so long? You cannot clone a Soul. Even you, who are convinced you are God, you cannot clone a Spirit. Herein lies the dilemma and the consequences.

The Spiritual body is attached by tiny silken like threads to the various organs of the body at points of contact known as Chakras. Partial separation from certain organs may impede health. It takes three days for complete separation, the passing through the Doorway of Life. Death may be uncomfortable for the surviving personality if the body is disturbed prior to three days once clinically a cadaver. We advise a clause in your Will

"Do not touch for three days after death."

Scientists and Research

Your Moneyed people look to immortality. Billions of Dollars in Grants and research is spent yearly, that fact is the marrow in the AIDS issue. The death factor is inbuilt. The level of consciousness of the lower self-ego is such that no intelligent being would allow any of you to live forever as you now are. Immortality, Conscious Immortality is the destiny of the race in nature and beingness, eventually unavoidable, if you will. However based on your agressions and confusions and Karma, the consequences of the sum total of your previous actions, you have, modestly said, a little way to go.

The Soul, which is immortal peers out at the physical world through a Spiritual body, to which your physical body is attached. Your eyes are the seeing organ of the brain, the Spirit the personality of the Soul. You are a Spiritually enlightened being of Cosmic perfection. You have forgotten, you are asleep. Spiritually speaking you are immature. Follow the teachings of Higher Spiritualism to Ascension. If Immortality you would have, then earn it.

Clone Organs, skin, tissue, muscle, bone, add days to your life if you can. Life Extension? Well life is. Improve the quality of life. Stop breeding, control it. Replace yourself only, naturally. Do not clone each other. If you do chaos will result. Do you want to incarnate as your great granddaughter, in the womb of a Clone fertilized by a Mutant? Separate Science from True Religion and that be your reward. Marry religion of a correct belief system, to science and Evidence. Practice Higher Spiritualism.


We say you may not clone yourself, this is impossible. Identical twins are not identical. Identical twins are individual in that each has an individual Soul, an individual Spirit, which upon entering the vehicle of the physical body, gives life.

Yes you may create a physical identical replica of the physical self, however this will not be you.

A) Fraternal Twins, Two Ova. B) Identical Twins, Single Ovum.

The Clone is not you. The clone is someone else, unknown to you as to personality, character and the Karma of the individual Spirit/Soul, which must step into the physical creation to give it independent Life. From where will this Spiritual entity incarnate? Consider the level and nature of a lower consciousness than yourself incarnate in a form identical to your own, perhaps a Character stepping into the Human animal form prematurely, triggered by thoughtless actions.

Atlantis is no longer with us. Civilizations rise and fall as the tide. Science is an evolving opinion, relevant to the custom, tradition and Orthodoxy of the times. Atlantean Scientists and Priesthoods experimented with cross fertilization of various animal species, human and non human, tampered with the Law of Nature, the True God's Law and a Continent and Civilization slipped beneath a wave. A great mind once said, "The superstition of the past is the science of the present, the proverb of the future."

Sunkara at News Desk

Investigate the Truth, the observable Spiritual Law of the Universe in action. Direct the Scientific community to come together with Spiritual facts and Law, lest they clone you out of existence into the never never land of the Godless.

Thank you, peace be with you.
Enter the Silence.

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