Welcome to the Spiritual News Slant, where we examine the News Headlines of the topical Day from a Spiritual Slant, a Spiritual viewpoint. What is the attitude of a Godly consciousness to the social, political, ethical, moral, religious mores and issues of the day? How does an informed Spirit World view our earthly machinations?

Sunkara is one of the Elders of the Race of Mankind sent to Earth to guide Humanity into the Space Age and prepare the World for Contact with the Space People and the Higher Civilizations.

Sunkara delivers the Truth denied man for over two thousand years. The Dispensation of Truth now revealed will free the Human Race from Bondage.

The modern day Theosopher, Sunkara, has unravelled the mysteries of the Ancients.

 A Theosophist is one who claims direct, mystical contact with Divine Principle through contemplation and Revelation. Amazing Revelation and Prophecy withheld from the world by early Theosophists such as H.P. Blavatsky and Koot Hoomi Lal Singh, are now released. 

Sunkara is the chosen Successor to Nostradamus, the famous Seer and Prophet, who stated he could not see beyond the year 2000. Through Sunkara's Sacrifice, Devotion and Commitment, the Consciousness of the entire Race of man is Elevated in the Light of Wisdom and new Understanding. From whence did we come? Are we alone? What is death? The answers are to be found in the teaching halls of Higher Spiritualism.

Sunkara's legitimacy is evidenced by the Revelations given to mankind at the edge of the Millenium.

The Seven Sexes, The Origin of the Human Race and Which Jesus?, are astounding Revelations supported by even more astounding Evidence. The existing World Structure of Religion & State has lost its Foundation stone. Out of the Darkness and into the Light. 

Support this Dynamic, Exciting, World Wide Spiritual Movement with Sunkara and Higher Spiritualism, as we usher in the Teachings of the Ancients to provide the platform for a New Social Order, which will sweep the Planet.

The Times have changed!

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Each Month HIGHER SPIRITUALISM releases two or more five to fifteen page SPIRITUAL REVELATIONS unto Mankind, as a SPIRITUAL DISPENSATION from the Elders of the Race.

The SPIRITUAL REVELATIONS contain beautiful Spiritual Teachings and Principles. They include Prophecy, Amazing Dispensations of Knowledge from the Higher Civilizations, Ancient Secrets Revealed and Spiritual Clairvoyant Insight into all Human Affairs and the World News Headlines of the Day. 

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 The Spiritual Revelations may be accessed via the HIGHER SPIRITUALISM Index Page, and are identified as Spiritual Revelations and Spiritual News Slant.

 As a Public Service we have provided a sample of the Spiritual Revelations for your enjoyment and upliftment. An introduction to the Spiritual Revelations may be found on the Web Site, 
"Seven Sexes, sevensexes.org." 

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Spiritual Revelations List

Individual Revelations are listed under Topic Headings on the Revelation List Page, available now on a complimentary basis via Email. Nominate your request to spirit@hispirit.org.au. Select the Revelation Title and Number from the SPIRITUAL REVELATION LIST. Sri Sunkara welcomes voluntary Donations and Financial Support. Direct access via the gem above.

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