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Welcome to all Truth seekers. Traditionally the Higher Spiritualism Lyceum is the venue for Public debate, discussion, education and enlightenment, a Spiritual Academy, the learning page. Lyceum is the Spiritual Portal for all to enter the understanding of Ancient Spiritual Truth. This is not a Sunday School. Lyceum is open to the eternally young. Chronological age does not determine Cosmic Sense nor Spiritual Maturity. Spiritual Lyceum is for those emerging from the darkness of Orthodoxy. It is beyond the limitations of Metaphysics and Psychic attunement.


Spiritual Questions And Answers
Spiritual Questions and Answers


One of the Professionally Spiritually trained and qualified Spiritual Leaders of Higher Spiritualism will address your Spiritual concerns, no matter the Subject. This is not a Psychic hot line. We do not give Financial, Legal or Medical advice. If you have lack of ease, dis-ease then contact a Medical Practitioner and consult with your local Health Food store. We will post your Question upon this Lyceum and post the Spiritual Answer to it. We invite the world wide Congregation of the Internet to participate. To Access the Question and Answer page please click on the above Lyceum image.

Email your questions or comments to Matthew, by clicking here.


©unicorn by Neil McPheeters

Further to the requests of our younger Members, we invite the Internet community to submit by mail, fax, or email your favourite Creature. Mine is the Unicorn, of which I have a good collection. You will find a sample on the Creature page. We will post your selection for public display. Each month the Judges will select the "Creature of the Month". The winning participant will receive a Sacred Crystal, purified, cleansed and Spiritually imbued with Spiritual energies for you to Link with, contact and work with the Spiritual Leaders of the Race. To access Creatures click on the UNICORN.


One great tear. Member art by Markus Mellowdious

We recognize the Spiritual Artist. We provide a Spiritual outlet for the Artistically talented who do not have a venue for their Creative works. Commercial Art is one thing. Landscape paintings with famous brand name identity may have little or no Spiritual message. Submit your Spiritual Drawing, Sketch, Cartoon, Painting or Sculpture. Do not send originals. We will give you name recognition, age and Country and post the Artwork for one month. The Spiritual Artistic Panel will select the winning entrant. The public is of course invited to register a vote for their favourite. Your reward will be international recognition, and a Sacred Stone from the Mineral Kingdom in recognition of your Spiritual participation. To access the Spiritual Art click on the BUDDHA above.

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Matthew the Spiritual Philosopher

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