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Dear Theosophers,

My earlier communications to the leaders of the Theosophical Society remain unanswered. Perhaps Theosophers at large may be more attuned to contact from the Unseen Ones and the One They sent to you, refer to

The Founders of the Theosophical Movement received their instruction from the hidden Sages of the East, the "Higher Masters". They established four cardinal objectives for the Society to follow, the easier three were adhered to, the latter apparently forgotten in the expediency of economy.

Refer to H. P. Blavatsky's "The Original Program of the Theosophical Society, First edition 1931", which reminds members of the origin of the Society in 1875. The easier objectives are, 1. Universal Brotherhood. 2. Judge all on personal merits. 3. Study Eastern Indian Philosophy. The 4th is conveniently ignored.

The all important Fourth was, "TO OPPOSE MATERIALISM and THEOLOGICAL DOGMA in every possible way". How was this to be done, you may well ask? The answer given to Blavatsky was, "By the demonstration of occult forces unknown to science, in nature, and in the presence of psychic and SPIRITUAL POWERS IN MAN". A quote from a current Theosophical publication states, "Intuition, wisdom, compassion, (buddhi) are all fully active in the great Spiritual leaders of humanity, the means of making direct contact with other beings, not by words or sight, but spirit to spirit."

People philosophise, preferring to puddle in expectancy rather than acknowledge the return of a Master. A Master incarnate now! A difficult fact for the Society's leadership to accept, as a return may present adjustments & changes not desired.

For some the predicted return of a Mahatma is never really taken seriously, there are too many implications. H. P. Blavatsky and others spoke continually of a Spiritual World Leader or Spiritual Master or Spiritual Teacher who would come to the world prior to the end of the millenium. I Sunkara Sankaracharya am that Spiritual Teacher, for this is the time. Please read the Spiritual Revelations as available on the Internet website, and judge for yourself.

Thank you,


Please note Historical Fact

H. P. Blavatsky stated that the "Secret Doctrine" would stand without addition until 1975 when the next emissary of the Masters would appear. Sunkara was initiated into his name by the Ascended Masters in 1975.

Sunkara established the Church of Higher Spiritualism in 1976, a structure for Universal worship at the font of Truth and the activation in Karma Yoga of that Truth. Karma Yoga is Love in Action as practiced by the Spiritual Sister/Brotherhood.

Thank you

Board of Directors Higher Spiritualism

Spiritual Questions and Answers

Welcome to the Higher Spiritualism Lyceum, the current Lyceum concerns Spiritual insight regarding communicating with the recently departed who are dearly loved.

1. Should I contact loved ones recently departed via an earthly medium?

2. When will the Seven Sexes Revelations be available in CD-ROM format?

3. Do you know of any means to communicate with those souls who have passed beyond our immediate vision by using the internet or some variation of it?

Question 1:

Dear Reverend Matthew,

I am currently looking to find a channel or trance medium who can receive direct communication from my wife.

She passed away six months ago and is proving to be a very determined spirit in attempting to get through to me. ie. lights pulsing etc.. I have also been told this by other mediums and clairvoyants and have been advised to seek a good trance medium or channel as they feel she will come through strongly in this way. Can you personally help or advise me of someone who can.

Apart from wanting to contact my wife ( a true soul mate ) , spiritual development and mediumship is something which interests me greatly.

I would appreciate any help you can give me .


Dear Friend,

June 1999

Reverend Matthew asked me to respond to you.

Shirley is a guide you should reach out to in your thoughts, a Spirit guide if you like. Find a quiet location, meditate at the same time each day. Enter the silence.

Your departed wife, (if it is her attempting to communicate) is in, what Higher Spiritualism would describe as, an earth bound condition. She possibly has not as yet passed into the dimensions of Spirit, where in time the Guides can educate and assist those wishing to reach back through the dim fog and varying densities of these subtle planes of Spiritual existence, to communicate consciously via an earthly medium in the sacred vibration of a Seance. For this to happen it would be by her consensual desire as much as your own. Who has the right to summon the dead? One would not exercise such a power lightly. Death is life. Life is death. Spirit is life. Spirit is. Change is constant, motion in action, detachment in love.

Individual Spirit contact via an earthly medium does happen. It is a rare occurrence and is difficult to receive absolute evidence that it is in fact the consciousness of the departed being. The contact may be an Elemental (Mischievous Spirit) in the surrounding Astral planes or the medium picking up on your own vibrations, or suppressed memory and giving same back to you, whilst claiming it is the recently departed, in other words psychic attunement. Channels and Mediums are people we refer to as Sensitives. Be careful and keep your skeptical senses open, as rarely can sensitives avoid the interplay of their own belief system and personality with the flow of communication. Seek evidence which satisfies your mind and heart, question the source. Be here now, focus.

The poltergeistic activity you describe could be as a result of your own very strong currents and desires which could attract a disincarnate spirit or via the sexual energies of young children in the vicinity. Let us assume the energy is of your wife, then here is the Loving Advice to you. Recognise she is earth bound. Please you must release her to go onto higher planes of the spirit world. The intensity of your emotion and vibration is preventing her release. The unselfish thing to do is to release her now. Do this consciously. You are holding her back. Stop attempting to contact her now, as you are only bringing her discomfort. The realm of existence in which she finds herself is not one in which you may communicate with the departed via a Channel. (That is the location in which she now finds herself, it is like an interim world of confusion, a middle ground.)

You have received evidence of her survival, in your heart you know she has survived. Her world now is not your world. Later you may, subject to the Law of Karma, be together again, once you depart, and this is not the time for that. The first three days after departure is the time the energies are the strongest. Following seventy two hours and final separation from the physical she should have moved on. Perhaps this was prevented by the love intensity of your emotion. Visualize her leaving, tell her to leave, burn cinnamon incense in the areas she liked the most. Forgive yourself, forgiveness is the reset button of the soul. See her surrounded in silver protection. See a white flame purifying and cleansing her, but most importantly stop reaching out to her. Be loving, be true, you cannot change the past, love survives, nothing is lost, all is known, we are not alone.

Higher Spiritualism teaches individual, personal survival beyond the grave. This is an implication for all of humanity. For those left behind, the message is release of the departed through understanding and non interference, no need to mourn. The purpose of Mediumship is to provide comfort, to heal and to teach. If there be no survival, then there can be no individual responsibility and accountability. We teach both accountability and responsibility. The recently departed will in time move on in the realms of Spirit, discovering a new world of learning and understanding, healing and growth. We would discourage the attempt to bring about a contact with her due to the pain that may be experienced by the departed.

Think blue, transmit thoughts of peace, harmony, balance and justice for you both.

Think pink as in love and kindness, allow her to travel on to the call of Spirit.

Sprinkle water around the areas of the pulsing lights and decree in a loud voice, "Restless Spirit begone, go with the Angels, go with God, be released now."

Please do as we have recommended.

There is a Spiritual Principle of energy for energy, which we ask you to consider.

This is my life and my mission, and the Church needs and deserves support.

You might consider a Donation to Higher Spiritualism as a worthy investment in your Spiritual Future. We would recommend you become an online member of Higher Spiritualism and study the Spiritual Revelations, in particular, "Spirit" and "Death the Doorway" Parts 1 & 2.

The fastest path to Spiritual development and maturity is to achieve insight, knowledge, contemplation and understanding then working for others, becoming involved, demonstrating love in meaningful action for the highest and the best.

We hope to hear from you once you have acted on this advice from the Spirit who writes to you. We claim to teach the Truth.

Thank you

Higher Spiritualism

1999 Sunkara Church of Higher Spiritualism Incorporated.

Question 2:

Dear Matthew

Higher Spiritualism

Seven Sexes and The Sexual Origin of Humanity. Wow, Matthew that is quite a mouthful. My Question is regarding the Compact Disc. The visual images of the seven sexes of humanity and the origin of the species are anticipated with excitement. When will the CD be available?


Dear Alice,

Thank you for your interest. We now display your Question and the Answer to it as requested.

Yes, we certainly agree the release of such information after so much worldwide confusion is exciting.

At School in America we were given little insight into the various questions of human sexuality, and when it came to the evolution of the human species well even less. Our choice was, A) We were invented by some God in the clicking of a finger or B) We evolved from the apes.

We are accepting orders for the Amazing Compact Disc, which will be completed by the end of August. If you like to order the CD now, we will send you in advance a complimentary printed version, and then forward the CD to you as soon as finished.

The Seven Sexes & the Origin of Man CD will include the Seven Sexes Web Site, will be interactive and will have all the images to illustrate the Racial evolution of Man over time and the images and explanations of the Seven Sexes, Audio and Video. This will be a collector's item and in great demand worldwide. So we suggest you Order now and place yourself on the PRIORITY RUSH list for the completion date.

Enjoy this incredible information! Best Wishes


Higher Spiritualism

Question 3:

Hello Matthew,

I just happened on your site and have not, as yet, explored it. I have a great interest in the concept of communicating with those souls who have passed beyond our immediate vision by using the internet or some variation of it.

When you consider that all the letters and words that we use on the internet are made up of simple binary electrical impulses (positive or negative) or (1's and 0's)" and that these should be more easily manipulated by our "dead" friends, it seems like an interesting area for exploration.

Do you know of any work that is being done by researchers in this or related areas?

It seems to me that proving, once and for all, the reality of immortality and creating a foolproof method of communicating would be the greatest gift that could be given to mankind at this time in his development!

Both Edison and Marconi believed it possible to develop such an electronic system.

Thanks for you attention.

Bill Brown.


Dear Friend,

April 2000

Mr. Bill Brown,

My apologies for the delay in responding to your very interesting email concerning proof of life beyond the grave.

In the recorded history of mankind the evidence for the reality of the survival of human consciousness beyond so called death is overwhelming in the collective experience of humanity.

Immortality, Eternity and Human mortal survival are very different concepts.

The test of any form of Mediumship as to its quality, is of course a function of the clarity of the human recipient and the level of consciousness of the departed Soul.

Death itself of course does not necessarily bring about illumination. Whom do you wish to speak with in the world of Spirit, Aunt Nellie who knows little, or one of the great Immortals?

Have you read the information on both the Welcome Pages, and studied the photos of Katie King?

We would refer you to the Spiritual Revelations which contain many answers for mankind received directly from the Immortals.

Yes, we understand the Computer will eventually allow for evidential communication between our various dimensions, to some extent this has already occurred.

Communication with informed Souls on the other side is possible with this Church and we need support to materialize these aspects of endeavour.

Please explore our site and give serious consideration to joining with us in our quest for Truth.

Sincerely Yours


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