Katie King




Three Frames from a series of Photographs taken during a Spiritual Seance in 1874 through the famous Spiritual Phenomena Medium, Florence Cook. The Spirit, Katie King, photographed by Sir William Crookes (the inventor of the Spinthariscope, which led to the discovery of the X Ray and the discoverer of several of the elements, etc).

Notice the temporarily solid flesh and blood appearance of this amazing Spirit. The Spirit surviving in the dimension of Spirit returns in the Black out conditions of the Séance room, appearing in a garment of Ectoplasm similar to the look of Cheese cloth.

Doctor Gully of Malvern is in the foreground testing for a pulse and heart-beat in the Spirit form. Note: Mediumistic Ectoplasm was discovered and coined as a word by Dr Charles Richet, the Noble Prize-winning scientist of France, who researched famous Parisian mediums with his co-researcher, the Berlin psychiatrist and sexologist Baron Von Schrenck-Notzing.

There are numerous examples of Infra red and White light photographic recordings and more recently, video recordings with overwhelming evidence of the return of the so called dead, in the Libraries and Lyceums of the Church of Higher Spiritualism Inc.



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