Please email Ann Swerman care of, Spiritual Healing Request.


Include the name of the Individual and the GEOGRAPHIC location, and if you wish the particular situation to which you request Spiritual Healing be directed in their life and or the circumstance.

The Spiritual Revelations and the knowledge they contain are a most effective Spiritual Healing for the Soul and for the Spirit of mankind. Tune into the Revelation Topic which will contain the Spiritual knowledge to effect Healing in the Life of your Loved one.

Donate for an additional Spiritual Lesson and recommend same to your friend. To complement the Spiritual Healing Petition we suggest you Gift a Revelation to the afflicted.

The Law of Karma determines the effectiveness of any Healing requested.

We make no guarantees, other than, we do guarantee that we will place your Spiritual Healing email Petition into the Sacred Spiritual Healing Cabinet and invoke the White Fire and combined energies of unseen forces into and upon the Healing requested.

Thank you

Ann Swerman

Spiritual Healing Counsel

Higher Spiritualism

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