Welcome to an Extract from the Higher Spiritualism Spiritual Revelation Titled, "SEX DETERMINATION," also known as Spiritual Revelation # 51.

"In this Spiritual Revelation we examine the implications and possible consequences of Sex Determination and offer for your meditation a method used in ancient times.

The human gonad, the organ which produces the reproductive cells has the potential to become testis, the gender of the male or to become ovarian, as in the female gender. All the patterns are in place physically to go in any direction, the gonad having the physical ducting for both genders.

Biologically speaking the male carries both the X and Y chromosome and the female carries only the X Chromosome in each cell nucleus. The chromosomes are cells which carry the hereditary characteristics. The H-Y antigen, a product of the Y chromosome determines the development of the embryonic Gonad into either testis or ovary, the male therefore determines gender of the human fetus.


Medical Science states that accurate gender determination is possible with Chorionic Biopsy using a Y chromosome specific DNA probe. The analysis only identifies male or female gender, and does not determine human gender.

Scientists in the United States at the Genetics Institute in Washington recently announced (Sept 10th 1998) the development of a gender-selection technique claimed to be 90% accurate. However the technique appears to be less successful in producing males than females. Moral arguments were presented claiming 'a conflict between parents rights to choose the gender of the expected child and society's right to choose gender balance.' We state there is no moral issue.

The technique relies on a slight difference in the volume of DNA between sperm that carry the Y chromosome which produces males and the X chromosome known to produce females. Sperm with the Y chromosome have about 2.8 % less genetic material. The scientists measure the DNA, collect the Sperm which is radically skewed to one sex or the other, based on their interpretation of the DNA count, then inject the Female carrier by the process of Artificial Insemination. At about $6,000 per shot for the sorting out of the hoped for Genetic combination, the technique appears impractical at this stage.


Biology recognizes there may be hundreds of thousands of sex determining genes which give off enzymes and proteins, all of which may mysteriously effect ultimate gender manifestation.

Females have two copies of the X chromosome, males have a single X chromosome and a Y. Females have only one active X gene. In the event of Karmic or Genetic throw back the turned off X cell in the female enters into the Sex determination process, and so participates and inter-reacts with the glands, the Alleals and the Spiritual Astral Links, subject to the Law of Karma. In the process the Seven distinct forms of physical Sex types and its multiplicity of preferences and variations is determined.

The X chromosome is larger than the Y and carries the Genes responsible for Hereditary traits as well as for Determination of Gender. The Y chromosome is smaller and carries Genes primarily if not exclusively for male sex determination.

Hereditary to some extent may affect sexual gender in a case where successive generations produce all male children. The Body's entire biological systems interact one with the other to produce a cumulative result. In the final analysis it is the Law of Karma which overrides "Heredity", as hereditary is a mere servant of Karma.


We teach that a combination of factors determine not just the Gender but more importantly the Sex preference. It is a terrible Error to inflict upon the human family, the set Sex role models of male or female Sexuality, determined by gender alone. Sexual preference is more a matter of Choice.

Please read the Spiritual Revelation # 52, the "Seven Sexes".

We repeat, the determination of Sexual preference and expression is not dictated by Gender.

Having said this we now share with you an ancient time proven Male or Female Gender determination Fertility instruction."

This is the End of the complimentary introduction to the Spiritual Revelation # 51, "Sex Determination," which we trust you have enjoyed.



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As a Spiritual Movement for Social Change we support freedom from persecution and Sexual liberation for all.

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