The author, Sunkara, manages to offend everyone with a closed mind, particularly members of Orthodoxy. Religious Philosophy, especially if itís not yours can be very upsetting when the flaws within Belief Systems are revealed. Sunkara did not create your Belief System; he means no disrespect to anybody. Sunkara is a Spiritual Revolutionary, a threat to the Institution, to the Establishment, to the Status Quo. The Reader is warned to proceed at his/her own risk.

The controversial author of AIDS - "Agency Induced Death Sentence," holds nothing back, in this in depth analysis of the root problems in the human condition. The author is not one who holds any specific group in awe. The author is not affiliated with anyone and speaks directly to the issues that affect us all, the issues that no one is prepared to write about, let alone publish. Sunkara speaks out candidly where none have dared to tread.

Oneís family, oneís friends, associates, be they social, church or business in their networking interaction, prohibit the freedom for unfettered pursuit of Truth. People become caught up in the hunt for money, and the physical and emotional support demands, in order to survive. Civilization deserves an honest Religious Philosopher.

The author encourages the reader to maintain an open mind. The subject is meant to stimulate, agitate, irritate, shock, startle and stir the brain waves' patterns, unscramble old thoughts based on illogical rationale. The reader is asked to consider new ideas, ideas that will lead to change and eventually, a New Social Order.

The proposed New Social Order is based on Divine Principle, Universal Law and Truth, with physical evidence available to all humankind to support the validity of the claims, the Authority of the source.

The Divine Principles in action which dictate the Rules of behaviour in this New Social Order are rooted in Universal Law. It is timely to unburden the human race from the shackles of Dogmatic Religious State - Government instilled laws of man, of hurt, of harm and of horror.


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