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Welcome to the Higher Spiritualism regular Internet Spiritual Communion Service
titled, "JOHN FROM MOVEMENT," also known as REVELATION JF.


The suffering in the human condition is based on fear and ignorance of what and who we truly are. Throughout recorded history, the orthodox church of the day has burned the Wisdom of the Ages in the ongoing need to keep humanity in the dark and under the control of the personal power agendas of the priesthoods. Rarely have their teachings been in harmony with what Divine Mind would direct our attention to.

The objective of the John From Movement Inc. is to provide an alternative path for the Public to enter the teaching halls of the Church of Higher Spiritualism Inc. and access the beautiful Spiritual Revelations, which are available.

In essence, the objective of the Incorporated Church of Higher Spiritualism is to awaken and uplift the Spiritual understanding of mankind by educating the public with the Spiritual Teachings of the ministry of Higher Spiritualism.

This introduction to the John From Movement is divided into two sections, first the generic and then follows the esoteric. As in most areas of life the lines are not clear cut, so we have provided both for your enjoyment.

Generically speaking John From Movement Incorporated is an association of like minded, Spiritually aware people from America, Australia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, the Solomons and Vanuatu.

The Corporation originally was known as the Jon Frum Movement, an association of individuals dedicated to the Spiritual upliftment of the Indigenous peoples of the South Pacific and the supply to remote areas of basic comfort needs such as self contained sun driven electrical systems and water supply.

The association Incorporated in Sydney, Australia as a non-profit, educational, public, benevolent association organized as a corporation to promote a charitable cause. All income is by way of gifts and donations from the Public for the sole purpose of promoting the objectives of the movement. Please read the detailed Formal Corporate Summary of the John From Movement Inc. on the Web Site, http://www.johnfrom.org.au listed in the Donation page. At least check out the Web Site, Donations and Gifts to Public Charity usually are Tax deductible.

Is John From a man, a Spirit, a Myth, a creation, or a reality? The John From Movement Inc. Feature Film "John From" will explore the mysterious life of the ultimate hero, the Super hero beyond all heroes, the Magic Christ Man. The world appears to have an inbuilt desire for a saviour, a messiah, a leader to guide the flock into salvation from the oppression of the Tyrants.

The story of John From is the story of the Soulís quest for Truth and Justice and Freedom.

Historically all the prophesied Christs suffer from the secular isolation of religious fever, elitism and colloquial dogma. Mankind needs a role model. The world awaits a Universal Super hero, a hero from the forgotten origins of the human race, the space people, a figure of such intergalactic status that the Teachings will surpass those of the Feudal denominations of Earthís orthodoxy and the Priestly controls of both State and Religion.

The human race aches for freedom, for answers, for solutions, for contact, for help from across the great barrier of time and space.

Stories in the South Pacific Islands of a mythical figure who appeared and disappeared, promising to return with gifts and new Teachings, began circulating amongst the colonists in the late 1930ís and early 40ís. The rumours, sightings and writings on the subject are prolific and may be researched in the conventional world on web sites such as "Vanuatu John From Movement."

The misunderstood Cargo and related Cults of the South Pacific are a direct parallel to the Orthodox worldís predictions of a Messiah like figure who is yet to return to the believers, bringing ultimate salvation.

The Spiritual custom law of the Indigenous peoples has survived, despite the overwhelming odds against it, the might of the Militant Materialistic machine of European Church and Commerce. Those who have written on the subject, be they non believers in Deity such as Margaret Mead, the anthropologist, or Journalists of Cynicism, rooted in their Western Church upbringing, have typically not understood the Spiritual side of life, let alone the Spiritual basis and lineage of Indigenous Law.

The early John From movements came about as a result of a desire for the material wealth of the white man and the need to escape from the Christian Missionary controls and Government intrusions into the way of life, the life of Ancestral tribal custom, coupled with a hunger for new Spiritual teachings free of the Dogmas of Heaven and Hell.

In other words, it was an attempt by seemingly ignorant natives to balance their contact with a dominant, foreign material goods based culture of the Invaders with the mythology and Custom laws of the Tribe, the balance of the past, the present and the future. The writer remembers observing a replica of a plane built high in the trees atop the Highlands of New Guinea by the local Cargo cult, as an enticement for the White manís plane to land and unload the Cargo for the faithful. Indeed a powerful affirmation for prosperity!

The John From myth of the South Pacific Island Prophecies and in particular a Southern Island of Vanuatu, is that John From America was a Spirit in the guise of a man who visited the region from time to time during the period of the second world war and in the years beforehand. It was said that he would incarnate again and be the son of an Australian army captain and would return to the Island of Tanna with two sons, one a lawyer and the other a pilot, so all would know this was the real John From.

The John From of mythology promised physical goods, freedom from the missionaries and the slave traders who followed. He gave Spiritual lessons in easy to remember prose, supported the Indigenous use of the sacred stones as a tool to communicate with the ancestors and promised to return. He wore a long sleeved shirt, a large straw hat that hid his face, long pants, smoked a pipe, carried a cane and appeared simultaneously at different locations.

The prophecy stated that John From would return as an American, help the people find true independence from their invaders and it would be at the time the Sacred Banyan Tree had grown to the height of the Volcano.

This is the point in time in History predicted as the Return. The Banyan tree has reached the top of the volcano. Will this figure reappear or will he like all the previous Messiah figures of history fail to appear?

The Business Manager of John From Movement Inc., experienced the Cargo Cults of Papua New Guinea in the Porgera area of the remote Highlands in the 1960ís and also in the Vanuatu chain of Islands during visits to remote areas in the 1970ís and with his family, who are dedicated to the John From Movement, in the 1980ís to 1990ís. In the earlier years he, like most Europeans, was blind to the awesome reality of the Spirit side of life and its interrelationship with the Physical.

Then followed his conversion to Modern day Higher Spiritualism and the development of deeper Spiritual insight. More recent activity in the Islands led eventually the local Clevers (Spiritual Mediums) and their Chiefs to believe that he was the Spirit of John From.

This member of the association does not claim to be John From as John From is a symbol, a Spirit, a magic man, a mythical figure of awesome proportion.

Over the years Americans have been exported from Vanuatu by the Central Government for making such outlandish claims.

Yet, an Australian Army Captainís son, born during the second world war, now accompanied by two grown, adult sons, one a Pilot and the other a Solicitor, an American from America fitting the description of the one prophesized, did unwittingly return. He was oblivious to the John From figure and made no claims, he was simply a Family man, a Spiritualist, who had studied as a Scientist the philosophy of Spiritualism.

The Chiefs of Antiquity and their Custom Chiefs from the remote and forgotten regions of the Vanuatu Island Chain led by their Spiritual Clevers (Mediums) sought out the Captainís son and declared him their King. Was he an imposter, or did the circumstances suit the Political needs of the Kava drinkers, the mostly ignored remaining Custom people of modern day, or were the circumstances genuine?

Regardless, Spirit had spoken, not man and prophecy was fulfilled.

Jealous missionaries and French and English Law drove the American John From out of the land.

He now lives exiled from his people, working with the Island Chiefs to send the promised help, the material goods of comfort and the upliftment and Balance of the merging of Custom Spiritual teachings of the past that are beneficial and non harmful, with dispensations of Truth from the modern day spirit communications, combined with clarification of the old.

The prophecy rooted deeply in the antiquities of the peopleís past has emerged surprisingly singularly consistent, when one considers the multitudinous variety of language, in fact hundreds of totally different languages abound throughout the Islands. The answer of course may be found in Spirit, as the complications of language are removed in a world where communication is not oral.

The following paragraphs are an extract from the Esoteric introduction to the John From Movement Inc.

The name John From in its direct Bislama translation would be "I am, that I am, I am" being a Spiritual concept of Immortality. It signals that man is firstly a Spirit that is aware and yet, that Spirit, when in the Body of man can be asleep.

The origin of all Religion is buried deep within the Soulís desire to reunite with the Creator, the drive to Communicate with God or at least hopefully with those in attunement with God. A common denominator found within manís Earthly orthodox religions is a Belief in a form of Survival beyond Death.

Spiritualists and Spiritualism know that there is no death and there are no dead. The Spirit does survive. Now this understanding of Spiritual survival in some manner past our physical mother the Earth, is the root in which the customs of the Brown skinned people are established. Of course many incorrect Teachings were and are practiced, then donít we all.

As the Native American would say "He John From talk with Straight Tongue". We do not wish to mislead you the reader. When we speak of John From we think of the Spiritual nature of the individual, the implications of personal, individual survival beyond the grave and the consequences. This personal survival beyond death is a difficult concept to come to reality with. In truth few want to survive Earth. Most are exhausted, are Spiritually asleep right now and just want it all to finish.

When we speak of God in this Vibration of sharing Knowledge with you the seeker, we do not mean the Christian god, a being man created in his own image, with human characteristics that hears the prayers of the saved, accepts their hypocrisies and sells Heaven, whilst advocating Ungodliness.

The word GOD from our so limited vocabulary of language is used to convey the concept of the Great Spirit in all things, the all-encompassing Creator of the Galaxies of our Universe. God is the Law, the Supreme Logos. That underlying force manifests in our highest, most noble personal hopes and aspirations in life, when we reach out to link with the Divine. Oh restless Spirit, yearning to reunite with God. God as a word can mean many things to many people. God to us is Symbolic of the Divine Mind, of the all-pervasive, all encompassing overlaying Spiritual Nature of Existence.

We mean no offense to any person.



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