Welcome to an introduction to the Higher Spiritualism viewpoint concerning Human Sexuality.

The following is an extract from the Revelation titled, "THE SEVEN DENIALS", also known as Spiritual Revelation # 98.

THE SEVEN DENIALS is an extract from the Book, by Sunkara, "RELIGION AND STATE" - The Siamese Twins, Can They or Should They Be Separated? Why You Should Care? Which Religion? By What Authority?




"A great Soul once said: 'Seek you the Truth and the Truth will set you free.' Freedom from what? Religion and State? The truth is you have been denied Truth by all your Earthly Authority. The Religious State of man's affairs has created Nuclear mutants, whose unheard screams cry out in the ethers that surround you.

The river of DENIAL in man's consciousness flows into many tributaries. Each tributary bursting its banks with confused emotion and mental processes, flows over into the flood planes of humanity's delusions.

    religion and state

The Seven Greatest Truths withheld from mankind by Religion and enforced by the State are also the Seven Greatest Denials. Denial of the Human condition is the State of Religion.

There is an alternative to the status quo; it is timely for a fresh approach to the true State of affairs in the life of man.

In order to understand better the meaningfulness of Institutional Religions' influence in the State of man's affairs and why they are in the state they are in, we shall examine the glaring facts, withheld from the consciousness of man by Religion and State. The lies told to humanity are many. They may be categorized in Seven Great Denials of Truth.

What are the Seven Denials? They are the Seven Pillars of Truth which have been denied mankind for over 2000 years.

Denial of Mankind's



Spiritual Nature

    Sexual Nature

Survival Beyond Death

    Return From Death




Darwin's the monkey

If you were Denied Knowledge of where you came from, who you really were, why you were here, where you were going and given a graven image to worship, you'd be confused too! Now we shall examine the main effects of each of the Seven Denials, which lead to many other denials of self-evident truth, in order to have a common ground, an even surface from which intelligently to investigate the subject.

Firstly, the Author denies Orthodox Religion.

Denial of Man's Sexual Nature

Sex! Where would you be without it? Propagation of the species is but one function of the sexual nature.

As there are an average of over 16,000 orgasms per adult life, we can be thankful that another soul is not created every time heterosexuals copulate.

The human soul is not created in the sex act. The soul does not enter the human form until the time frame twixt Quickening and physical Birth. The biological form through which your Soul functions, has an inbuilt need for sexual expression, release, comfort and satisfaction. Sexual activity is essential to the health of the human psyche in the case of most people. Spiritual maturity demands sexual maturity. The Spiritual Nature expresses its need to reunite with God through the sex act. Sexual expression is within the nature of the universe itself. The biological organism demands sexual activity of various expression, subject to individual taste, genes, chemistry and karma.

The perverse attitude of the Religion/State combine toward human sexuality has insidiously tortured, murdered and castrated us all, one way or another.

Admire Universal Law, wonder at the infinite varieties of sexual expression in nature. Look now deeply into human nature. Usually whatever it is, whatever form of sexual expression is demonstrated, it is normal, natural before the impersonal Law of Nature, regardless of your personal intolerance.

Examine the Institutional controls over women and the denial of their right to choose, as the carriers of the race, what, when and how they do it, with whom and why. The authoritarian limitations, controls and penalties enforced against the natural sexual diversity of mankind, the insistence of narrow, institutional, sexual role enforcement upon the population, is a control so deep rooted in the system, that humanity is ignorant of it. The logic is based merely upon the shallow concept that the physical appendage of penis or vagina, is the be all and end all of sexuality. This one factor alone confuses all, as it denies the very intrinsic nature of humanity itself.

The scriptural teachings of the world's religions spit out hate, persecution, intolerance and separatism, all opposite to God's Law, Universal Law, the Golden Rule, whilst they in great humility, in mock celibacy, would claim God as their own.



The Institutionalized dogmas, the power structures, the narrow training, the focus on financial gain and the system, limit our Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Rabbis, Priests, Doctors and Lawyer Judges from Universal reality. They are not trained to think beyond their dogmatic programming, are not qualified to guide humanity and have no more knowledge of God than you do.

As a result, we see mayhem everywhere.

Waco Genocide

The Elders of our race, the Immortals, suggest that all human war has its origin in not understanding the Spiritual Truth, ignorance of which leads to the false teachings to do with human Sexuality. There are at least Seven, distinct, natural forms of sexual expression within human nature."

This is the End of the complimentary introduction to the Spiritual Revelation "The Seven Denials" which we trust you have enjoyed.

As a Spiritual Movement we support freedom from persecution and Sexual liberation for all.

Thank you



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